Dec 5, 2018

What Is a Hyplet?

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Hyplets have apparently been around since around 2008 but we had never heard of them before. Hyplets is in fact an online website that helps you create online signatures, ID’s and Flyers.

In essence, Hyplets are widgets that you can embed in blogs and emails. You can use hyplets to create an electronic signature in the form of a business card if you wish.

You can post hyplets to the web, creating flyers that you can post to your blogs and emails, making special announcements or special offers.

Hyplets work with free web based email services like Hotmail and Gmail and also with Outlook and Outlook Express.

A hyplet can function as an online ID. You can include all sorts of information on it, including photos and links to social networking sites. There are preset designs but if you’re a clever person, you can design one yourself on the site.

If you have special things you want to tell people about you can design flyers. Embed them on your blogs or in emails. You can use photos and videos on your flyers.

The service is great for those who don’t have a lot of experience designing on the web. Perhaps you don’t know how to use the tools in Word or Photoshop. Or, you might simply be happy with the templates available on the website.

Something else really good is that this service is free. Everyone likes free. Having said that, because the site is free and there appears to be no associated revenue, you don’t know how long the site or service will be available. So far so good, since it has been around for a couple of years.

Other websites offer electronic signature creation software. They also allow individuality and creativity but they may not also offer the ability to create flyers. Being able to make announcements with flyers might be a very attractive reason for using

If you want to do your own thing, well you can design some yourself in Microsoft Word or in Photoshop if you have the program. Photoshop is expensive so not everyone has it at their fingertips but you can get creative using other programs

Bottom line is this.Having a unique online ID or signature is a fun way of standing out from the crowd. Whether or not you use it for business purposes or just for fun doesn’t really matter. The important thing is dare to be different.

Source by Deborah Marsden

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