Nov 26, 2018

Starting an E-Book Cover Design Business

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How Viable Is This Business?

Online business is not only here to stay, but is growing at a phenomenal rate. The convenience of having an Internet business appeals to many people who would like to manage their own business while earning a sustainable income. It allows the added advantage of having numerous business projects at the same time as well as having the freedom to choose your own working hours. This makes it an ideal choice for home businesses.

E-book cover design is one of those online business projects that have become highly in demand and has a success rate that is way above average. To set it up, as a small or home-based business is relatively easy and will cost a fraction of the price as it would for a larger establishment. To start an E-book cover design business you really do not need to be a computer guru or an IT geek. What it does require is some skill in graphic designing; but of equal or maybe more importance is the ability to apply your own unique creative flair to match all the intimate little details of the clients requests and create a new masterpiece every time. Add the necessary amount of ambition and drive and you have a recipe for success.

Recommended Software Application Programs

Besides having a computer with Internet connection, the appropriate software applications are necessary to establish a viable business. One of the most popular and widely used software by graphic designers for e-book cover designs is Adobe Photoshop CS3. This software program will enable the aspirant designer to create the most fanciful ideas. The program does not come cheap but is a recommended high quality tool that is definitely a good investment for the serious businessman geared for success.

Cover Action Pro software is another program that comes highly recommended for use to establish an e-book cover design business. This program allows for easy e-book cover design and delivers crystal clear top quality covers. The high definition 3D e-book cover program is used with the Adobe Photoshop software to create the high quality required by today’s standards. As the advanced software technology allows the designer to use an infinite number of graphic designs, the artistic talents can be exploited to the full. Templates are also available and can be used and modified as desired. The high quality finish also allows the e-book cover designer to show off the finished article with confidence. This is exactly what is needed to instantly give the business a professional status.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite is another popular software application that delivers outstanding quality prints. Ambitious artist, to create anything from a basic design to an exotic masterpiece, can extensively use the vector illustration and page layout tools. This software may be considered for overly ambitious artist who wants to express his inner talent.

More Important Issues…

Stock photos for your e-book covers are needed in this business. Royalty free photos are on offer at numerous websites. Read the using instructions carefully after purchase. The business website must have an immediate graphic appeal when displayed on the internet. Registering a domain name does not have to be a costly affair and scouting around may reduce this considerably. Once all this is in order, it simply remains for the owner to market and advertise the business.

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