Jan 6, 2021
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Sankranthi Bhogi kundala muggulu for BEGINNERS – Pongal 2021 Kolam designs by easy rangoli Suneetha

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Sankranthi Bhogi kundala muggulu for BEGINNERS – Pongal 2021 Kolam designs by easy rangoli Suneetha
It’s our tradition to blueprint kolam daily morning on the doorsteps.
There are a substantial series of advantages of drawing kolam in entrance of the house.
It’s auspicious and believes Goddess Lakshmi enters the house if kolam is drawn.
Kolam brings plenty of effective vibrations and vitality to you and your set up.
Design kolam rapidly after you wake up after which originate your prayers.
Kolam or rangoli ( रंगोली ) is a allotment of Indian culture and transferred from generation to the subsequent generation.
This outdated skool art work have faith is furthermore called as muggulu in parts of South India love Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.
Of us blueprint different creative rangoli kolam designs the employ of kolam powder or muggu pindi which is
in fact beaten Lime stone powder on hand in different parts of India.
There are different forms of rangoli or kolam designs love dots kolam, sikku kolam, padi kolam, Margazhi kolam.
Of us blueprint particular rangoli designs for Festivals love Sankranthi (Pongal), Diwali (Deepavali), Vijaya Dashami (Dasara).
Girls earn deepam rangoli or kolam designs within the direction of Diwali pageant time, earn very colossal and Dhanurmasam muggulu (Margazhi) for Sankranthi or Pongal pageant.
It’s a belief amongst the of us that drawing muggulu in entrance of the house within the early morning rapidly after wake brings
excellent fortune to them and their household.
Of us mix rice flour to limestone powder and prepare their very have faith kolam powder. Muggulu can furthermore be drawn with rice flour most attention-grabbing.
These Pleasing and inventive designs are decorated with plant life per the occasion or pageant.
The following forms of video tutorials for rangoli and kolam designs with dots and freehand are proven in a in actuality easy step by scheme in #easyrangoli channel
1. Pongal kolam
2. Diwali rangoli
3. Sankranthi muggulu
4. Margazhi kolam
5. Dhanurmasam Geetala Muggulu
6. karteeka masam muggulu
7. Vinayaka chavithi muggulu
8. Easy Karthigai kolam
9. Chukkala muggulu
10. Melika muggulu
11. Rookies rangoli
12. Friday kolam
13. easy rangoli
14. Easy rangoli
15. easy and uncomplicated rangoli
16. rangoli designs uncomplicated
17. Peacock rangoli
18. Competition rangoli


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