Jan 1, 2019

Photoshop Tutorial: High End Beauty skin retouching cc 2017

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Here I am Abdul Halim Khan making my Photoshop retouching journey more than last fifteen years. I will cover here essential retouching techniques and teach how Photoshop allows you to make the impossible possible. Such as creating porcelain skin, changing colors, adding textures, adding makeup in Photoshop, and many more of other essential techniques you can apply to your photography.

I can also edit your images as well if you like the way I do.

Services you can get from me & the prices =

1. Product retouch, Jewelry retouch, Commercial editing for any websites ($5)
2. Background removing or White background $5 for 5 images
3. Face retouch, Beauty retouch, High-end EDITING, Wedding photo-editing ($10)

Big offers the big discount!

If you need anything more don’t forget to contact me, There are given below.

Gmail abdul0halim@gmail.com

So, let’s watch my training videos and do not feel shy to ask me if you need any help to make your images better.


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