Dec 30, 2018

How to Use the Photoshop Elements 15 Organizer Workspace

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During this Photoshop Elements 15 tutorial video, we will do a whistlestop tour of the organizer workspace and go through the available links found under eLive, as well as the options, panels, and view found under Media.

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Hello again and welcome back to our course on PSE 15.
In this and the next few sections I’m going to be explaining quite a bit more about the Organizer. I’ll give you some more information about catalogs and albums and how exactly your images are stored when you use PSE 15.

If you’ve used a recent version of PSE you can probably skip these sections. In fact many experienced users of PSE don’t really use the Organizer at all or at least they use it in a very minimal way. And it may be that after you’ve found out about the Organizer you decide that you’ll be organizing your images in a different way and perhaps using PSE primarily for editing images and perhaps for making presentations.

If you aren’t familiar with the Organizer or you’ve only used it in a much older version I do suggest that you go through these sections because even if in the longer time you don’t use all of these features it’s very useful to understand quite a bit more about how, for example, your images are stored.

In this first section on the Organizer I’m going to look at the Organizer workspace. And first of all I want to look at this bar up here and I want to select eLive. This takes me to the Elements Live page which contains a set of links. Some of the links go through to Help topics, some of them go through to learning material such as training videos. There are normally many, many items on the eLive page and the eLive page does get updated from time to time. And if there’s a particular topic that you’re interested in then have a look on eLive to see if there’s additional information about it.

Now on the left you have a sort of filter. So at the moment I have everything selected. But if all I want is News that’ll give me the latest news about PSE. So for instance this link here, Take a quick tour of Photoshop Elements 15 is in the News category. Similarly if you want some learning materials there are plenty of links here through to in many cases videos and so on with additional learning material that you might want to use as we go through the topics on the course.

So to go back to look at my Media click on Media. There are three more links on that bar, People, Places and Events and we’re going to look at all of those later in the course. Now let’s turn our attention to the bar down at the bottom here, particular to what’s at the left end.

Earlier on I showed you an Instant Fix and we’re going to be looking at Instant Fix in more detail in a few sections from now. We also saw the button there to take us through to the Editor. We’ve already played a slide show and Add Location and Add Event we’re going to again be looking at later on when look at Places and Events.
On the left there is a Hide Panel button. And Hide Panel hides the panel on the left. Show panel shows it again. There are quite a few facilities for hiding and showing things in the Organizer and the Editor. And when we have this panel on the left shown, it’s currently showing the folders that hold my media. There is an alternative if I click on Albums to show me my albums and at the present I don’t have albums. So let me just click back to Folders again and I’ll see the folders and that lists the folders that contain any of the media in my media browser view here.

Now following on from that if I were to click on one of these folder names, for example that one, what I’ll see is just the images in that folder.

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