Jan 2, 2021
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#For Newcomers freehand rangoli & kolam designs – easy rangoli – Sankranthi Muggulu

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#For Newcomers freehand rangoli & kolam designs – easy rangoli – Microscopic Muggulu
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Rangoli is an ingenious introduction with rice flour that is constituted of doors the entrance entrance of the dwelling
It’s in general performed by the females folk of the dwelling early in the morning on day by day basis
For the length of diwali, hindus plan vivid rangoli patterns on the bottom by the entrance door to encorage the goddess lakshmi to enter their homes .
Rangoli is an art work from,originating in the indian subcontinent, in which patterns are created on ground in residing rooms or courtyards the usage of materials equivalent to colored rice,dry flour, vegetation ,diyas … the explanation of rangoli is ornament,and it is belief to bring correct just correct fortune
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