Nov 29, 2018

Create In-Between Frames for Animations | Photoshop Lessons

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Next, what I want to do is I want to create some in-betweens, so I’m
going to click the tween button right here. It’s going to ask me how
many frames to add. I’m going to add about three frames. I hit OK.
And what it’s done is it’s created in-betweens, so it’s calculated the
distance of change between the two frames that I had set up. So what I
want to do now is I want to go in here and just adjust the position of
all of these frames. So if I click on four, I’m going to move the
basketball over so it aligns with that path. Click on three, click on
two, and then I’ll go back to my fifth frame.

Next, what I want to do is I want to set up the position for the peak
right here. So I’m going to click another new frame, and I’m going to
reposition the basketball right onto that peak. Then I’ll click the
tween. I want to add maybe two frames in between. And again, I’ll go
back and adjust these.

All right, go back to frame eight. I’ll adjust that back again, and I
want to create a new frame. Create my down position. Add new tweens.
Again, two seems pretty good. Go back to frame ten, adjust it, frame
nine, adjust it.

I’ll create a new frame, and this is the one where it goes off screen,
so I’m just going to move it off screen. I’ll create some tweens, maybe
about three this time around, and I’ll go and adjust them so that they
follow the path.

If I want to see how this is playing out, I just hit the play button
right here. When I’m ready, and I can go back in here and tweak this
even further, when I’m ready and I want to export, I’ll go to file, save
for web and devices, and here I want to select gif. I want to see how
this plays out. Right there, just hit the play button. And I’ll hit
save. Choose where I want it to go. I’m going to put it on the
desktop, and I’m going to give it a name and hit save.

And there you have it. That’s how to create simple animations in


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